At Tony & Plumbing, we commonly use an Auger Wire or a General Kinetic Water Ram to unclog a toilet. Either of these methods will completely clear a blockage in the integral S trap in the toilet bowl. The problem is that this takes time away from your day having to schedule and meet us for access to fix the toilet. The better scenario is for the toilet to just unclog itself, right? Well, surprisingly, this is entirely possible and happens often.

Toilets, like all plumbing drains, work with gravity. Over time, a clogged bowl and pipes full of water will exert pressure on the clog and could clear the blockage on its own. So, if you have more than one toilet in the house and can wait overnight, and if it’s a standard clog, you can try to flush it again in the morning. Be sure to be ready to stop the water flow by turning off the shut off valve on the water supply line to the toilet. The shut off valve is on the wall behind the toilet, probably on the handle side and several inches above the floor with a football shaped handle.

To close the valve, turn it clockwise, to the right. Be gentle with the valve as older valves may be corroded or stuck, and if the integrity of this valve is gone, this action could cause an additional problem. Another option to stop the water filling in the toilet bowl is to quickly remove the toilet tank lid, reach into the tank and close the flapper.

If the clog does not clear itself after sitting, your next option for a do-it-yourself fix is a plunger or closet auger. The standard cup type plungers are not the best for toilet clogs because they don’t provide a firm seal over the drain hole in the toilet bowl. Instead, a flange plunger is best because it has a rubber sleeve that extends below the plunger dome that extends into the drain hole and creates a good seal. Forcefully plug with up and down strokes to help loosen the clog. If no success, you may need better equipment.

A closet auger, or toilet auger is similar to a standard drain snake but it is designed to accommodate the turns in the toilet trap without damaging the bowl. Work the auger into the toilet drain hole and crank the auger clockwise and work it in and out to break up the clog. If this does not work to clear the line, this means that you are in need of help from a professional plumber.

At Tony & Son Plumbing, we are #1 in the #2 business, so we know how to unclog your toilet. We are licensed as a Master Plumber and a Gas Certified fitter. Whatever your plumbing or gas needs, let us help. We can try to help you over and phone and offer free in-person estimates. Give us a call today at (757) 675-6266.